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Benton is a veteran of local, state, and federal political campaigns; a high school basketball referee; and most of all a storyteller. He has worked in college athletics, government, and advocacy, while riding his bike across Virginia and Washington state.

Prior to returning to home to serve the City of Seattle, Benton led national communications efforts for advocacy organizations in Washington, D.C., including the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Climate Action Campaign. He has extensive electoral campaign experience, as a staff member in Washington state and outside advisor in many states across the country. 

Benton started his career working to address the climate crisis, ultimately leading national communications to build support for President Barack Obama’s Climate Action Plan. He served in similar roles on health care, immigration, economic policy, and the Supreme Court at CAP Action, building broad progressive coalitions in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

In between stints in Washington, D.C., Benton helped lead communications for the Washington State Democratic Party during election campaigns for Patty Murray, Jay Inslee, Maria Cantwell, and others. 

He first learned to tell his own story, as a Seattle native from a low-income housing project just steps from Seattle City Hall, to an advocate for every person to have access to the opportunity afforded by a great education and a safety net. Since then, he has been fortunate to work with people ranging from a president to a farmer, and a cancer survivor to a small business owner, in crafting narratives that advance progressive policy. Everyone needs and deserves a voice, and Benton relies on his history to help others understand how to tell their own story. 

The moral obligation to our children and grandchildren to address climate change; the lives that would be impacted by a repeal of the Supreme Court ruling against the Affordable Care Act; keeping families together though reasonable, compassionate immigration policy. Each of these is a campaign message Benton has helped develop and execute. 

Today, in addition to helping others develop their voice, Benton is an vocal advocate for the Washington wine industry, a burgeoning high school basketball official, and an avid cyclist and skier. 

He lives in Seattle with his partner Chelsea.

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